Carpet Cleaning
The Cleaning Method

We employ the hot water extraction
carpet cleaning method, the most
effective way to remove and extract
soil, pollutants, sources of bacteria,
odors, and allergens from the carpet.
Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is
recommended by carpet manufacturers
and is often the required cleaning
method for warranty consideration.
We're Particular About Who We
Send Into Your Home  

We understand that we are a guest in
your home so we strive to treat your
home and your belongings with care
and respect. Our technicians are
trained and certified in the latest
cleaning procedures.
Hot Water Extraction Carpet
(The Critical Facts)

1. Our first priority in cleaning is to
make the carpet healthier and secondly
to improve its appearance.

2. Hot water extraction cleaning
consists of a pre-spray cleaning
solution application, the injection under
pressure of a hot water soluble
cleaning solution into the carpet,
followed by an immediate powerful
vacuum extraction

3. Hot water extraction cleaning
refreshes the texture of carpeting.

4. Hot water extraction, properly
performed. Does not cause seam
separation, mildew, rotting, shrinkage,
rapid resoiling.

5. Soiled carpet looks bad, is not
healthy, and has a greater tendency to
wear faster and pack and mat more